About Us


Gobers LLC is a full service septic and sewer company servicing all  of Spokane County.

Gobers has been servicing Spokane county since 1951. 

We care about our customers and their systems. We try to appease each and every one of them. Sometimes we have to attend to more than one issue after the fact, so please be patient with our pumpers. They are doing their best. Sometimes the ground is harder, the lids are deeper. or the tank is full of solids, so they might have to be at one place longer than they had first thought. They will give your tank the same attention and make sure they leave with the job being done to the best of their ability. Please remember that we are pumping your septic tank and things can happen that require more attention and time. 

We are located at

11215 E. Trent Ave

Spokane Valley, Wa 99206

Phone: (509) 924-5372

Fax: (509) 926-8373

Email: atrustedname@aol.com