Impact on Ground Water: Septic systems can impact local drinking water wells or surface water bodies. The extent of this impact depends on how well your septic system is maintained and if it is used properly.

When tanks are pumped the driver will also inspect the tank, the right side of the invoice has the information on it abut the tank and how it is functioning. These inspections come free with a septic tank pumping. There is a charge for Inspections without pumping.

Inspections for sale of home: When you sell your home, most lenders require that the septic tank be pumped and inspected. We do inspections for sale of home and have certificates that we give the homeowner. These Inspections are free with a paid pumping. You must pay for the pumping in order to get the certificate.

If your house is vacant for more than 1 week, then it needs to be purged. A Purge Test is a high pressure water that is sprayed into the tank, seeing if the drainfield is accepting fluids. It is a stress test for the drainfield. It is highly recommended that you have a purge test if you are selling your home, if you are having low volume issues, or if your drainfield shows any standing water.

Inspections for Renewable Permits: the county requires most tanks to have a permit and once they are in the system, the county requires the permits to be renewed, usually every three years. The homeowner can renew the permit by having their tank inspected to make sure it is working properly. If we pump the tank at the same time as these inspections, we do not charge for the inspection. If we do not pump the tank, then we charge for the inspection.

If your tank needs inspecting and the lids have to be dug, we do charge for the dig.

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