Installation: Need a new system? We do complete installations of new systems including Gravity, Mound, Pressurized, and Pressurized Drip

Test Holes (Perk Test): Our excavator comes out to the property and digs test holes.

Engineering: We have an Engineer who comes out to the property to check the acceptance of fluids and decides where the new system can be placed and what kind of system needs to be installed.

Bid: We then email you a bid which includes the Permits, the excavation for the installation of the tank, the lines, and the drainfield, the inspections, and the finish cover up.

Baffle repair. Baffles are pipe extenders placed at the inlet and outlet to help the flow into the tank and to help keep the solids from entering the drainfield lines.

Line Repair. Over time some lines settle or develop a belly in them. These need repair in order to help the system run smoothly. They can become costly if the issue is disregarded for a period of time.

D-Box repair: Sometimes the D-Box needs adjusting or repair in the area.

Tank Repair: When the tank is holding at low volume, it can be an indication of a seam leak in the tank. We do seam leak seal. Our technician will dive into the tank and apply a seal to the area.

Replace the tank: Our team can come out and replace the tank if the seam leak is too great to fix, if the tank is deteriorating, or if the construction on the property requires an upgrade.

Drainfield: The drainfield is part of the septic system. It is a trench or bed subsurface wastewater infiltration system. The drainfield  has a lifespan and can experience different issues. We do drainfield repairs including lines and replacements.

 Jetting: We do Jetting on pressurized systems. A high pressured flow of water to help scour the interior of the pipe and to clear any build up over time. Type your paragraph here.