Septic Info

Some helpful information about septic tanks and systems.

Things that can cause your septic system to have issues are:

Wipes: They build up in the tank and can cause clogs and can make it hard for the pumper truck to pump the tank. Even the ones that say they are flushable. If you use wipes, throw them in the trash and save a costly back up.

Garbage Disposals: People who use them on a regular basis should get their tank pumped more often. The food can build up quickly in the tank and not go down to the bottom. The food is then pushed towards the outlet baffle and into the drainfield, which could cause major clogs and back up issues.

Water Softeners: They can hinder the enzymes that are needed for the system to work properly, which in turn can cause major issues in the tank and in the drainfield.

Products like ROEBIC K-37 do help the tank work properly helping to digest the paper and to destroy tank sludge. Use of this product on a regular basis gives the tank and the system a longer life span and helps to prevent problems like backing up or clogs.

Roebic Root Killer is also recommended for those systems that have root intrusion issues.


If your toilet is gurgling it might be a sign that the tank needs pumping.

If the scum level on the top layer is thicker than 8”, your tank probably needs pumping.

If your tank was pumped in the last 2 years and you are having back up issues, it might be a clog.

If your tank has a filter, it might need cleaning.

If your alarm is going off and you were just recently pumped, it might be your pump, we do not work on pumps. We can refer you to a qualified pump service company.


If you are experiencing an odor in the house and your tank is not near the house and there is no odor outside: check your drains, if one is not used often, run water in it for 15 min and see if the odor goes away.

Also check the flange on the toilet.

Sometimes the vents that go up through the roof have filters in them and they might need to be replaced.

If you are experiencing an outside odor, check your lid area and your drainfield. It could be that the tank needs to be pumped, it might have a leak, or there might be a break in your lines. Look for excessive water.

Tan bark around the lid area might help with lingering odors.